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Mahad IT Solutions is a leading value-added reseller and solution provider working in multi scenarios like Network and Data-center infrastructure solutions, Network, Server and Endpoint Security, IP Telephony, video conferencing and surveillance system solutions. The company was established in 2006 and became a reliable source for all information technology requirements. The biggest strength of TS is the skill sets and commitment of its engineers which builds a strong relationship with customers and promote sustained growth.

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Information and Communication Technologies across the world are undergoing swift changes to the next-generation network. As a professional solution provider of these areas, we are renovating the technology infrastructure and updating our acquaintance to the innovative technologies and applications so as to get instant access to customers.

With its industry-leading range of network infrastructure solutions and services, Mahad IT provides data, voice, video and wireless services which are incredibly essential to businesses and to those who matter the technology.

Mahad IT pioneering, high-performance fiber/copper connectivity and wireless coverage solutions support a wide range of applications that help our customers to get the new and improved services to convene their business needs? The remorseless demand of communication technologies and its leaping growth broaden the scope and responsibilities of Mahad IT Solution in Qatar.

Mahad IT is distinguished for its Linux based open source solutions by the unique professional service. With its great experience of service with reliability, TS is equipped to meet today’s technology reality and getting prepared for tomorrow’s communications needs.

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