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Mahad Manpower Qatar offers international mobility management expertise. We provide technicians, engineers, support staff or crews with proven experience within your industry, being it constructions, energy, maritime, logistics, hospitality…

Thanks to our subsidiaries, from Europe to the Philippines and Africa, FHR has the required network and an extended database of profiles, enabling us to satisfy the needs of your company.

Our significant expertise was acquired on every kind of worksites(Onshore, offshore, remote facilities or urban areas).

Worksite Management

In time, we developed an expertise in the overall management of human resources.

Our customers, who externalize all or part of their human resources management activities, rely on our customized range of services to take care of all the workforce-related aspects of their projects.

This strategy allows our clients on sites to focus on their core business.

On their behalf, we ensure a prompt, extensive and all-inclusive service in the field of personnel management, including but not limited to:

  • Sourcing, deployment and management of workforce;
  • Daily transportation to the site;
  • Catering solutions management;
  • Provision and Management of adapted Personal Protective Equipment

We currently manage over 1,500 people on different projects and sectors within SERVTEC Group, mixing local content and worldwide experts.

Both our international experts and clients benefit from:

The Contract Management (Taking into consideration the expatriates family and particular situations), International healthcare & repatriation insurance,
The Logistics (Visas and work permits, transport, housing, fiscal and legal environment).

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